Enjoy your utmost sun-kissed vacations only at Sinalei Resort!

In every summer vacations, people search for a place where they can enjoy their best time with their friends, relatives and also with families. For making such tours and letting you smile and blessed with beautiful discoveries, Sinalei is here to serve you the best. We would love to make your vacations more memorable and epic. We are a grown-ups best boutique hotel settled inside a shielded tidal pond close by the southern shore of Upolu Island, an inconsequential 25mins from legislative hall Apia and 45mins from the Faleolo International Airport. Set all through forty four exquisitely prepared sections of land of rich vegetation, our remote inn makes a biological system of present day provincial extravagance blended in with crude immaculate magnificence.  

We are Sinalei, luxury resorts in Samoa saturated with way of life and soul so limitless that our guests leave and not utilizing a longing however to return. Be that as it may, we are more than what treats the eye. We are a territory saturated with lifestyle and love, where the individuals of the towns and encompassing environment coordinate to make an unquestionably novel appreciate for all.  

It is no big surprise Samoan lords and warriors of vintage could invest their energy resting here in preparing for the fight to come. Permit us to take you on an excursion. A lamp lit way by means of the coronary central core of Sinalei, as the hints of ukulele and immaculate sea waters lap towards our palm bordered shore.  

While the smiles of our Sinalei hover of family members mellow not handiest your heart, anyway the longing to be wherever else however here.  

Accommodations we provide are following:  

  1. Convenience  
  2. Customary Garden View Villa  
  3. Customary Ocean View Villa  
  4. Unrivalled Garden View Villa  
  5. Unrivalled Ocean View Villa  
  6. One Bedroom Ocean View Villa  
  7. Sea shore Front Villa  
  8. One Bedroom Beachfront Resorts Samoa 
  9. Two Bedroom Beach Front Villa  

It has been certified that we’re a symbol of our island home, an ideal world where ocean side weds rainforest, and affectionately named estates settle among our lavish tropical encompasses. In any case, we are such a great amount of extra than what treats the eye. We are an affection story highlighting the surrounding towns and featuring the Beachfront Resorts based in Samoa people of our Sinalei people group. In any case, to just perceive what our identity is, we need to initially recount to the tale of wherein we originate from.  

The tale of our territory starts some separation before the introduction of our motel. Dating again to the times of Malietoa (The Samoan King), Le Ufi SA changed into considered a territory in which the King and his warriors could come and evening gathering on the sacrosanct yams that developed wild. Supposedly, they accepted the yams gave them unique powers that could assemble them for enemies that undermined their significant islands.  

Our Integrity and Goals: 

About 200 years on, this holy floor would keep up to fill in as a stock of strengthening as a more youthful Samoan specialist co-op with a fantasy to free his adored realm from abroad principle began his battle for resorts Samoa autonomy. This more youthful man turned into the granddad of Tuatagaloa Joe Annandale, the co-owner and establishing father of Sinalei.  

As history has a propensity for rehashing itself, Joe and his better half Tui, who turned out to be grievously lost inside the 2009 Tsunami, may in 1994 draw at the otherworldly properties of this land, to stir up some dust in their own. A battle to respect the coolest works in their progenitors. A battle to understand a fantasy towards all chances.  

Our Experiences: 

We have a huge team of experts and professional workers who loves to serve their clients with best and elite performance. We have been serving since many years. Our experts can help you to enjoy your vacations to the fullest. We have included these (given below) following best experiences in our services: 

  1. Cuisine & Dining 
  2. Spa & Wellness 
  3. Signature Experiences 
  4. Island Adventures 
  5. Vehicle Hire 
  6. Samoan Culture 

So, don’t think more about choosing your new vacation spot i.e. resorts Samoa. Grab up this amazing opportunity to make a new memorable time in your travel book. 

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