Get Your Great Escape With This Trip To Zanzibar! 

Zanzibar is a little island off the coast of mainland Africa. The island is located approximately 35 kilometres away from Tanzania. It spans roughly 85km in length and 40km in width, making it a relatively small country. Zanzibar is known for having a fairly cool climate, as it gets a fair amount of rain and is constantly covered by the seas breeze from the Indian Ocean, not your typical African blazing heat in Zanzibar, you can really appreciate the weather when you get there. 20twentyplus is a travel company which is based in Australia, however, conducts tours for to Africa. The founder is a man by the name of Richard Paulse, who was born in South Africa. He claims that being born in the land gives him a good insight into the culture which helps him conduct the travel company to the land of his birth.

20twenty plus is conducting tours from Australia to Zanzibar and Kenya in one of their packages. Therefore, not only do you get the benefit of seeing the beauty of Zanzibar, but you get the added benefit of seeing the country of Kenya as well! 

It is actually towards the end of the tour that you will be experiencing Zanzibar. After your entire 7 days in Kenya, the remaining three days you will be flown to Zanzibar where you will spend the remaining 3 days of your Zanzibar tours from Australia.Experience the beautiful coastline of Zanzibar. Lay back and relax and spend some time on the beach. Its neither too hot nor too cool so you can spend as much time as you want out in the open and be enjoying the fresh seas breeze. Moreover, while you’re there, consider going around the place and interacting with the people. Experience the culture of the African island and maybe take away some souvenirs. 

The earlier part of your Zanzibar tours from Australia will involve you getting interactive with nature in Kenya. As Kenya is part of the package we cannot go without mentioning it.
In Kenya, you will come across the Amboseli National Park, where you can catch a glimpse of the great Mount Kilimanjaro. After which you will partake in game drives and come across the animals of the Kenyan bush. Some of the animals to be seen are hyenas, lions, buffalo’s leopards and many more.

The next few days will be spent engaging with the Masai Mara and even encountering the tribes living in the Mara. You can engage with them as well and get to see how they live in their part of the world.

On the 7th day you will head out to Zanzibar 

Consider this tour as a getaway. If you are single, take some time out and travel alone to see a truly wonderful part of the world. Just you and nature. If you plan on going with your family, that’s great too. If you have children they can engage with the environment as there is simply so much to see. All the animals they saw as children on TV are now right in front of them. Moreover, if you plan on going on a honeymoon with your new spouse, what better way to get some time alone with them than experiencing the great outdoors in the wild African bush and the exotic Zanzibar beaches where you can kick back and relax. 

Therefore, consider 20twenty for your next vacation. Consider Africa for your next vacation! There Is simply so much to see with these South Africa tours, there is no way you will go back home unsatisfied.

Head on over too their website to read more about their tours and the destinations which they cover from Australia. They also offer extremely affordable rates which are pretty doable for a trip across the world with stays in some great hotels.

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