Of Lions And Elephants – Safari Treats

So you have eventually come to a place and a time where you are ready to kick into being your next adventure, and the time is now to jot down a few points that you want to see achieved over the next couple of days or weeks or months. You want to identify a period when you will go on your long-awaited holiday and you want to know quite soon what it is you want to achieve at the place you choose to go. If you have to confer with others, then you know that this needs to be done quite soon, because the opinion and ambition of your family members have to be taken into account for any and all vacations, big or small. 

Africa or bust 

Headed to a continent in the southern hemisphere, whether you are already in that half of the world or not, can be really exciting and a real treat for all involved. From Masai Mara safari tours to anything else under the sun that you might choose to do, it can all be a lot of fun and offer good value for money in the long and short term. You just have to make sure you partner with the right company and people who will ensure that your trip is a proper success. 

From country to country 

While there are many parts of Africa to explore, you might just settle on one or two to save time and money. Kenya and Tanzania and South Africa are really good points of call, particularly if you want to see plenty of wildlife and the big five along the way. Getting into a jeep on a Kenya wildlife safari with your family and perhaps even some other people who are doing the same will be filled with intrigue and excitement, as you head into the veld to find the latest and greatest animals on display. The guide along for the ride, who will be employed to offer you that much more insight that you otherwise would not have received, will make for a complementary force to the trip too. 

Do your homework to make the trip even better 

If you are researching safari options or just looking into what to look out for in the veld, like hyenas and lions, make sure you equip yourself with some knowledge, so that you don’t go into the experience entirely ignorant. This will really help elevate your experience overall, so that you get that much more bang for your buck. If you know a bit more than the rest of your family, you can then equip them too. They will be the ones turning to you for information, and you can feel nice about being able to help them. Go to the local library or even look on the website of your chosen safari provider, for information on animals and plants that you are bound to encounter along the way. To reiterate, this will make for a greater and more worthwhile experience for one and for all. 


Posted on May 8, 2018 in Adventure & Travel

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