Plantation shutters are in demand for many benefits to homeowners!

A few years back some home owners started opting for other options such as blinds for their house windows. Given plantation shutters based in Newcastle have their many exclusive benefits, they are making a strong come back now. Here are a few of a whole range of benefits that plantation shutters give home ownersover blinds, curtains and other options to support windows’ ability to safeguard and improve their houses inside environment. 

Strong defence 

  • You might not find it a plus, but plantation shutters offer stronger defence against outside elements.  
  • They are more able to sustain climatic and weather pressures such as strong winds, sunlight and dust.  
  • It is their inherited strength to stay strong against such elements even when windows are wide open, and keep safeguarded inside environment. 
  • They are particularly effective to completely shut out sunlight, which is a requirement of homes during hot summers. It helps reduce inside temperatures to a certain extent.  
  • When compared with curtains and blinds in Central Coast they protect property better from dust and other elements in the air. Your belongings such as furniture is effectively protected. Their bigger width does this job efficiently. 

Better ventilation 

  • They are more effective in maintaining a proper ventilation for your house. Both curtains and blinds do not allow air pass through as much as plantation shutters do. 
  • It improves living conditions and environment, and an access to natural environment i.e. air and light, leaves a positive impact on your health. 
  • Better ventilation also helps sustain a proper level of moisture inside your house, which is good for your belongings and your house. 
  • A right level of moisture is also good for health of your family. Higher moisture can lead to many health issues. It also very damaging to your property in the longer run. Things would get rusty and wear out quickly, if not have dried conditions. 

Energy efficiency  

  • A major benefit of plantation shutters is energy efficiency. You are able to exploit more natural light and air. It helps you to use less energy for air-conditioning and lighting. 
  • With help from natural light and air, your energy equipment such as ACs are able to sustain higher and longer performance efficiencies. It compensates you in cost on them on the long-term basis. 
  • The main benefit of energy efficiency is on your energy bills. You are able to cut down your energy bills substantially. 
  • It is also very good for preservation of natural environment. It puts less pressure on climate. This is the very reason that more and more houses are looking for better energy efficiencies in their design and constructions. 
  • This benefit is even greater if you are using fuel-based energy resources. They are not only expensive, but very damaging to natural environment.  
  • Exploitation of natural resources such as light and air, which is possible with installation of plantation shutters, helps you live a healthy lifestyle too. It could certainly save you more in terms of cut in medical bills. 
  • They can help sustain better conditions for workouts such as exercise. You can get them installed at your home gyms for better insulation and ventilation. 


  • Given plantation shutters are wider in width, when shut they offer more privacy to property and people inside a house. 
  • All you do is more exclusive and private. No one is able to poke in or intrude into your house. It is safer and securer too. 
  • It is a great benefit when you live with your family and kids. They are always in need of more privacy to carry out their activities with a complete sense of safety and security. 
  • They also improve security of your house, especially when you are away from it for any reasons. Once shut, no one knows whether you are inside home or not, and this helps keep unwanted people and elements at bay. 

House facelifting  

  • Your house looks more beautiful and elegant when plantation shutters are installed, not as much in curtains or blinds. 
  • It improves outlook of your house, and it can help you fetch a better price on it at the time you are planning to sell it out.  
  • Plantation shutters are in fashion again for this and many other reasons. At first sight from outside, your house appears well maintained and uplifted. 
  • Even when you are not planning to sell out your house, plantation shutters are a good source of improving face value of your house. They certainly help it look more appealing to onlookers. 

Posted on June 17, 2020 in House & Garden

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