Simple Ways For You To Be A Little Greener Today 

More often than not, when the topic of environmental conservation comes up we tend to discuss it and then let it go on its merry way. Our thought is to usually leave it to ‘the big guys’ in government and state positions to sort out. Whilst it is true that only they can really make the kinds of movements required to mobilize initiatives, it is not true that our actions are any less significant because of it. In fact, everything we do, individually, affects the environment. Think about it. If the actions of each and every person have accumulated to such a terrible mess, can you imagine what a difference it would make if we went the other way? So here are a few ways you can contribute too, and simple ones at that.  

What You Use 

Though you may not really pay attention to it, you probably use a lot of plastic and other toxic materials every day. Take batteries for instance or other similar types of waste that are difficult to get rid of. Sure they get removed from your home and the community, but where they do eventually end up? It has to be somewhere on earth right? So why are we destroying the very planet we live in? It is high time to take control and responsibility for our actions, ensuring we live to help and make it better, not ruin our home. Start small, and work your way up. Make comfortable changes like altering the type of bags you use. Albury Enviro Bags are quite suited for this.  

Use Water Wisely 

When water is made so easily available to you, you tend to have little regard for it. One half of the world does not have access to clean water. This needs to end, and we need to help distribute our resources more efficiently around the planet. We should also not be wasting our more precious resources, which is water. Well, usable water that is. Though the earth is covered with 75% water, it cannot be used for everyday purposes which puts us in a pickle. Shower thoughtfully, water lawns thoughtfully, and in general be more cautious.  

Walk/Cycle to Work 

Leave your car back. Whilst using eco-friendly canvas bags Australia is good, if you are travelling short distances in a car, then you are undoing all the good at the same time. Aside from helping to pollute the environment less, you also get your daily workout in. If your office is 10-15 minutes away, go ahead and walk or ride your bicycle to work. Rainy days are of course an exception, but do this as much as you can, and soon enough, it will feel completely normal.  

Energy-Efficient Items 

You can use energy-efficient things at home, from CFL bulbs to greener appliances. They are built to expend less energy and so consume less energy, but are just as efficient. They are incredible for energy bills, and can save you quite a few dollars, especially if they are solar-powered as well. Though solar power has a high capital tied to it, you start making it back soon enough, and eventually, you will without a doubt reap it all back. So explore your options and leave no stone unturned.  


Posted on April 4, 2018 in Ecommerce

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