The Early Signs of Multiple Sclerosis

What is Multiple Sclerosis and early signs of multiple sclerosis? Multiple sclerosis is the Demyelinating disease of central Nervous System. The nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord. Myelin is the protective shield that surrounds the axon of neurons by quickly sending electrical impulses. This Myelin is produced by Oligodendrocyte, which is a group of cells that support neurons. 

 In multiple sclerosis, Demyelination happens when the immune system is in an inappropriate way attracts the Myelin; which means normal communication between neurons breaks down, results in sensory, motor and cognitive problems. Now the brain includes neurons that is protected by Brain Blood Barrier, which only led few molecules threw from the blood, it’s like having a V.I.P pass to get into an exclusive club.  

Once the molecule gets in, it is activated by hitting some part of the neuron but in multiple sclerosis this T-cell is activated by Myelin, once these T-cells are activated they change the blood-brain barriers to accept more receptors and this allows the more immune cell to get in the brain. This will then directly cause damage to Oligodendrocyte. In simple words, Multiple sclerosis is a chronic and progressive neurological disease that results in neural cell death and which can lead to a variety of symptoms.  

Early signs of multiple sclerosis 

Since, MS disease is an acronym of Multiple sclerosis, symptoms are unpredictable, but many people experience tiredness and numbness. In numerous different cases the Multiple Sclerosis can cause: 

Sight problem 

One of the most common symptoms of Multiple sclerosis is an eyesight problem. Swelling can badly affect optic vision and due to which central vision is disturbed. This may cause blurred sight, less sight or even loss of eyesight.  

The vision problem can be noticed forthwith because the degeneration of a clear and focus vision gets slow. You may feel pain while watching for some time and to focus on one side will also give you a lot of pain. These problems are a symptom of Multiple sclerosis. 

Shivering and insensibility 

The nerves present in the brain and in the spinal cord ( spinal cord is also known as the message center of the body) are affected by Multiple sclerosis due to which wrong signals  are transmitted over the body and sometimes no signals are transmitted, this can conflicted the message transmission results in insensibility or numbness. 

The most common symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis are Shivering or Tingling sensations and insensibility or numbness. Common parts of the body where numbness is usually felt are the face, legs, arms, and fingers. 

Torment and Cramps 

If you are feeling a lot of pain in your body, and muscle spam than it is better to book an appointment with your doctor because in Multiple sclerosis this is the most common symptom. According to the latest study; more than half of people’s area suffering from Multiple sclerosis are also suffered from chromatic pain and muscle spasm. 

You may experience that your muscles get harden and your joints are unmovable. Sometimes your joints are uncontrollable as well. Multiple sclerosis effect legs mostly but you may feel a lot of back pain also. 

Tiredness and fragility 

80 percent of the people suffering from Multiple sclerosis experienced undefined tiredness and intense fragility in the early stages. Chronic Tiredness occurs when nerves degenerate in the spinal cord. You may remain tired suddenly and it lasts longer before improvement. You can feel weakness most often in the legs. 

Emotional changes and gloominess 

We can understand that it’s not an easy task to digest the truth of having a chromatic disease, it’s pretty much difficult to accept and that’s why people went into the severe depression, this fear makes you anxious and you may start feel gloomy. Furthermore, Multiple sclerosis destroys your nerve fiber that is present in your brain, due to which you will feel emotionally down. 

Genital problems 

Multiple sclerosis can cause the problem of virginal dryness in women. Erection problems may occur in men. Furthermore, people with Multiple sclerosis find it difficult to turn on sexually, to feel the touch and also, they have a problem in reaching orgasm which will disturb their life badly. So, if you have any of this problem or you are having a problem with having sex then you need to see your doctor as soon as possible. 

Posted on September 24, 2019 in Medical Services

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