The process of making bespoke engagement rings

You must have been familiar with the quotation that “diamonds are girl’s best friends” but have you ever spared a moment to think about the meaning behind this statement. Basically, this quotation tells us about the importance of diamonds in girl’s life.  Diamonds have always been the main reason for bringing huge smile on the face of a girl; this girl can be your sister, best friend, spouse, girl friend or mother. Moreover, it is not necessary that someone has to gift you the diamond, you can buy the diamond to make yourself feel special as well. This diamond is shaped into various forms to enhance their worth; these forms can vary from the diamond earrings to diamond rings.  In this article, we will be discussing about the process of making bespoke engagement rings in Melbourne

Engagement rings: 

Different rings carry different meanings behind them. There are some rings which are given on the birth of a baby girl, and then there are rings which are given while proposing someone. Similarly, there are rings which are given while being engaged with someone; these rings are known as engagement rings. Engagement rings are the rings that hold the special meaning behind them. These rings are much more than a mere materialist thing that you put on your finger. It is the promise between two people and the sign of love that exists between them. This is the reason that people try to find the best, perfect and most suitable engagement ring for their partner. There are different types of engagement rings which are made by using different ways and different stones are used to make them. 

Bespoke engagement rings: 

Bespoke engagement rings are the kind of rings that are specifically made according to the demand of a client. Even though every engagement ring is special in its own way but the plus point for bespoke engagement rings is that they are specially made and customized on the demand of a customer. This customization adds a personal touch to the ring which enhances its value. These bespoke engagement rings commemorate the precious memories of the couple. We know that an engagement ring is the symbol of the first promise that a couple takes for their life ahead so this ring should be a memorable one. It should be made as such that it would be able to bring a huge smile on the face of a girl wearing in the moments of distress. 

The process of making bespoke engagement rings: 

The process of making bespoke engagement rings is almost as similar as making of any other engagement ring except for few differences.  Firstly, the demand of the client is heard; like what kind of a design he has in his mind and what is the idea which has inspired him to inculcate it in this particular ring. Then the sketch is drawn according to the requirements of the client to obtain a certain shape and design of the ring, when the customer finds the sketch accurate enough then he finalizes it. After that, the kind of stone and gem is bought which a person wants in the engagement ring. Fifty percent of payment is deposited in this stage so that the process of bespoke engagement ring can be continued and finally we get to see the beautiful bespoke engagement ring with utmost intricacy which is made by the selection of extremely quality of gems. 


Engagement rings hold a special importance in every girl’s life. To some girls, it is even more special than the opal ring in Melbourne itself. The reason for this much of an importance for engagement ring is that engagement ring is the sign of first promise and bond between two individuals. The value of this engagement ring can be enhanced by customizing it according to the requirements of the client. Such customized engagement ring is known as bespoke engagement ring which is made exactly according to the demand of a client. We get to see different types of bespoke engagement rings. “Melanie katsalidis” offers the best quality of engagement rings. Moreover, you can order one of the finest bespoke engagement rings from here. 

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