The sudden rise of E mountain bikes

E mountain bike are so much fun to ride, for a number of reasons. The major boom in appreciation of bikes is very old when people use to prefer riding bikes over cars. Mostly across central Europe all males and females prefer travelling on bikes to their schools and work places, it also adds to their health. Who doesn’t want to ride a bike which is fast, light and climbs anywhere with ease without taking much space? The world is getting crowded day by day and roads have become complicated. In this busy day and age you will almost always find difficulty in finding a good vehicle if you are in a hurry to reach somewhere. This is the time e bikes would become your best friend. Some of the most popular electric bikes of 2018-19 are 


Its range, battery and long service life makes it one of the best bikes to ride today, easy handling and management system makes its usage convenient for everyone, Bosch Power Tube lithium-ion batteries are ranked on top among efficiency. .frames are also mostly compatible with a 625Wh battery, so you can easily anytime upgrade it. The new CX generation performance is now almost half the size of original and 25% lighter in mass as compared to the previous generation. With more composed and strong body but exactly powerful as before, the latest Bosch model comes with a maximum power output of 340% with battery already integrated in the frame, the fork stop prevents the range of motion to exceed the limit from 60 degrees, protecting from accidents. 


The Turbo Levo e mountain bike has the lightest full-suspension. It has a unique side arm frame design which gives it proper stiffness to weight ratio. Its stiffness makes it more compatible for higher weight. It doesn’t consume much battery power. The battery capacity is increased by 40% so there is always extra fuel for you to get home or reach anywhere urgently. Turbo connect display will always show you the battery power left in your bike. This bike is made in Switzerland by top engineers who have devoted years in the field 


If you have to travel a short distance in less time this bike is best for you. The Moterra Neo is best for short distance travelling with 140 mm Pike fork and 130 mm rear travel it has a Bosch performance with 500 Wh battery in the down tube integrated. Which gives it a kick when you need to be somewhere very quick. It can be easily ridden in hilly climbing areas and rocky roads with stable and smooth shock free ride. 


The motor and down tube has 630 wh integrated battery which makes it ideal for a long run. It can easily covers long distances in less time because of its efficiency in speed and hurdle free wheel motion which offers you the smoothest ride along with 66 degree head tube angle, 440 mm reach and 75 degree seat tube angle, it offers you a smooth gear shift from an aggressively high speed to a lower speed depending on the path you are on. It has Code R brakes which are capable of stopping the bike at any point no matter how high the speed was. This bike is for serious bike lovers who want to cover long distances on a bike and enjoy the ride.  

Owning your own bike can be a really charming as well as thrilled experience of your life. Do a little research about the qualities and costs before wasting your money on something you would regret buying after. Having an e mountain bike is a dream come true for bike lovers who loves to ride without any strings attached and enjoy the experience. But to really reap the perks you have to be a bike lover. 

Posted on October 16, 2019 in Outdoor Fun

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